Berlin as a study location

When life itself is learning

Berlin is international, cosmopolitan and diverse. There is nowhere else in Germany where so many nationalities, cultures and languages merge.

Berlin embodies knowledge. Numerous research institutions, 300 libraries, almost 100 museums, and visitors from all over the world make living in Berlin a learning experience in itself.
11 state, 2 denominational and approximately 30 state-approved private universities also make Berlin Germany’s most vital centre of science and one of the strongest scientific regions in Europe.

Of course, you could always choose to study in a different city. But why would you?

Living and life in Berlin

Berlin never sleeps, attracting people who want to find their own path in the middle of this very special rhythm and diversity. Varied culture, a thriving start-up economy and vibrant night-life make Berlin a unique, highly sought-after destination.

Berlin, the start-up hub

Financially speaking, Berlin is the capital of the European Union’s strongest country. And it’s also the capital of start-ups. Berlin is known as a breeding ground for success stories and inspiration. For major international corporations and small start-ups alike.
We support academic start-ups with expertise, infrastructure and grants at the Startup Incubator at HWR Berlin and make business ideas a reality.

If you’d like to learn more about Berlin as a business location, contact Berlin Partner.