Student Service

For your physical well-being

Your physical well-being matters to us too! For that reason, there is both a canteen as well as the student body café at Campus Lichtenberg.
Campus Schöneberg boasts a Mensa cafeteria and the “Tasteless Café” (Café Geschmacklos), run by students, which simply begs for cosy get-togethers.
On top of these traditional institutions, we also provide refreshments to ensure you have the necessary energy for your studies.

Other HWR Berlin facilities

In addition to the lecture and seminar rooms, both campuses boast a library, Career Service, study consulting, representatives of AStA (the student council), PC pools, data centres and an IT helpdesk as well as a family room.
Campus Schöneberg is also home to the business incubator. For exact locations, refer to the appropriate site plan.

Work rooms and technology

Need to get down to some serious work, but don’t have your laptop with you? Or need to quickly print something? Of course, BPS has a solution to these problems.
You can find work rooms, PC pools and printers on both Campus Schöneberg and Campus Lichtenberg. If you have any technical difficulties, even with your own laptop you can contact the IT helpdesk.

The Virtual Campus – always open

E-learning is an important part of our study programmes, and not just in the distance learning courses. Thanks to the Virtual Campus, you can fit learning units into your day in a way that suits you or participate in online seminars remotely.
Our web-based learning platform Moodle ensures efficiency, flexibility and fast communication. Forums and webinars also enable contact with teaching staff, even over long distances.