Meet our Berlin MBA Ambassadors!

Benefit from personal insights into the Berlin Part-Time MBA.

Our MBA Ambassadors are graduates of the Berlin Professional School's Berlin MBA who support prospective students in their decision-making and study planning. They can tell you how they successfully completed their studies, share their experiences with you and give you an insight into the BPS community.

Whether you have already decided on the Berlin Part-Time MBA or are still exploring your options, you can ask any of them for advice.


Graduate 2020

Pablo Campillay

Group Reporting Manager / HelloFresh (Berlin, Germany)

My MBA journey at BPS has been a remarkable transformation in my personal and professional career. Transitioning from auditing/consulting background, this journey has broadened my profile and prepared me for my exciting new position within a new industry. Through enjoyable coursework and lectures, collaboration with diverse peers, and exposure to global business trends, I've acquired a bag of tools, skills, and connections to deal with my career transition. After completing my MBA at BPS, I started my journey as a Group Reporting Manager in a food-tech German-based company. No doubt, the BPS-MBA enforced my skills to embrace the challenges and opportunities that I had (and will have) ahead.

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Graduate 2021

Caryn Jervis

Global Head of Partnerships, Hygraph

Achieving my MBA with the BPS was nothing short of a memorable ride! I am someone who has always believed in continual learning and development and while it was a challenge to maintain a full time job, while studying part time, I'm proud of the achievement that I've earned. I developed a strong overview of decisions being made and frameworks being developed by executives and managers on a daily basis - having exposure to topics across multiple disciplines has proved very useful. Personally, I have built a network of strong and like-minded peers from the class, who like myself, used the MBA learnings to develop and progress their careers. In addition, being the part of the class that caught smack dab in the middle of the Covid pandemic required adaptability and resilience by individuals, our cohort and by the institution - and our ability to do so with relative ease was pretty remarkable!

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Graduate 2020

Norbert Drews

Head of Banking Operations (interim) and Partner (Vendor) Management at N26 Operations GmbH

My MBA program on a part-time basis was not just a significant academic challenge but also a personally enriching experience. A particularly valuable aspect was the English language medium of the program, which significantly strengthened my command of the English language which proves invaluable for my personal and professional live. One of the most impactful aspects was the interdisciplinary pool of participants. It was enlightening to collaborate with peers from different countries and industries, leading to a kaleidoscope of perspectives in our discussions and projects. Another highlight was the focus on personal development and self-reflection along the MBA program. It enabled me to grow not just as a professional, but also as an individual. In conclusion, this MBA program provided me with more than just academic knowledge. It was a journey of self-discovery, learning, and growth, enriching me both professionally and personally.

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Graduate 2023

Selma Kukuruzović

Project Finance Manager, International Rescue Committee (IRC)

I firmly believe that the part-time MBA program at HWR has the potential to unlock various opportunities for personal and professional growth. During my two-year MBA journey, I have witnessed first-hand the incredible growth opportunities this program offers via different leadership and management courses. For someone who comes from the non-profit sector, the program has equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to tackle complex business challenges and it has expanded my career opportunities in general. What I enjoyed the most during the studies was being a part of a diverse, international group of fellow students, all coming from different sectors and areas, but nonetheless driven by a shared passion for learning and development.