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Perfectly prepared with MBA

Dr. Christian Fehske: "... I don't regret becoming an independent entrepreneur a single day."


Our MBA graduate Dr. Christian Fehske successfully completed his MBA in Entrepreneurship in 2014. In addition to the many good memories of the time, many of the contents of the MBA programme are of use to him today.

"The paths of the HWR graduates are certainly very different and will lead to different directions - mine and that of my company will lead into an exciting and lively future, also due to the knowledge I have acquired at the BPS, and I don't regret becoming an independent entrepreneur a single day", told Dr. Christian Fehske.

As part of a company succession, he has taken over the management of a pharmacy with approximately 80 employees, which is one of the largest individual pharmacies in Germany.

Due to his long-standing experience as a pharmacist, he was able to develop many ideas on how pharmacies can establish themselves for the future, even in the age of digitalization. Together with his father, he put these ideas in a book: "Everything except prices! Holistic pharmacy marketing!" It is described how one can be successful with a lively and flexible quality leader strategy.

In May 2019 the German association of small and medium-sized enterprises awarded Dr. Fehske with the renowned creative price “Best concept for increasing employer attractiveness”.

We congratulate him and are delighted when our graduates successfully implement the knowledge acquired during their studies.