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Berlin Part-Time MBA

International teams develop market entry strategies for German and US companies


The international consulting project within the Berlin Part-Time MBA in cooperation with the Wichita State University (Kansas, USA) is all about practical experience. Teams of students at both universities develop strategies for three American and four German companies to enter each others’ markets.

The students gathered in Berlin for the project kick-off event from 11 to 18 January. Participants from Wichita were matched with the Berlin students from BPS in seven teams. Like in the real, globalised world of work, none of the German and American students had met before. They learned how to ‘function’ as a team in no time at all, sharing their experience and knowledge of the local markets and cultures. What must the companies consider when operating on the foreign market? What resonates well with the local target group ...? After the project kick-off, the student consultants will hold Skype calls to remain in contact and to work on their strategic analyses. The MBA students from Berlin will spend a week in Wichita at the end of March to give the final presentations. The companies will receive a concept with a proposed action plan for placing their products/services on the American or German markets.