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Award for our Berlin Part-Time MBA Graduate

Jesper Juul received the ICV Newcomer Award 2020 for his Master's Thesis


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Congratulation to our MBA alumnus Jesper Juul for winning the first prize in the Controller Newcomer Award 2020 of the International Group of Controlling (IGC). Jesper presented the results of his MBA thesis  at the “ICV conference CIB – Controlling Inspiration Berlin” on 7 November 2020.

The laudation for the winner was given by the ICV Jury Chairwoman, Prof. Nicole Jekel:

“The Award is hot! It’s about buying and selling, about mergers & acquisitions. If you want to sell a company, you are sure to ask: How much money do I get for my company? Sellers want to get as much money as possible. Buyers, on the other hand, want to get everything as cheaply as necessary at a sustainable value. Specifically, the 1st place is about earn-outs – i.e. contractual agreements – in the context of corporate transactions that make part of the purchase price dependent on the future performance of the company over a specified period of time...."
 “The winner of the 1st place has done a great job. In addition to a well-founded literature research, four hypotheses were tested with the help of 65 interviews. Both sellers and buyers were interviewed. I am already curious to see what specific knowledge and tips we receive on all aspects of these contractual arrangements for corporate transactions. For this reason we have awarded our first place to Mr Jesper Juul with the master’s thesis: “The application of performance metrics in earn-out provisions” from the University of Economics and Law, supervised by Prof. Thomas Gruber”.

With the award for excellent final theses, the ICV International Association of Controllers recognizes the achievements of newcomers who develop innovative scientific solutions for practical controlling problems during their studies. The ICV Newcomer Award, endowed with a total of 4,000 Euros, is sponsored by Haufe and the Haufe Academy.