Supply Chain Resilience: Coping with and thinking beyond the COVID-19 pandemic (online Seminar)

Programme Outline:

Lecture 1

  • Supply chain risks, disruptions, and the ripple effect
  • Case-study “Risks in supply chains”

Lecture 2

  • Super disruptions and COVID-19 pandemic
  • Supply chain resilience: strategy, management and capabilities
  • Case-studies “Design-for-Resilience” and “Repurposing the supply chain in a week - From car manufacturing to saving lives during the COVID-19 pandemic”

Lecture 3

  • Supply chain recovery strategies
  • Case-study “Resilience as a Key Component of Supply Chain Management”

Lecture 4

  • Balancing efficiency and resilience
  • Case-study “Resilient Sourcing Strategy: Reacting to COVID-19 Virus Outbreak by Using Adaptation Capabilities”

Lecture 5

  • Supply chain resilience modeling and simulation
  • Digital technology and end-to-end visibility for supply chain resilience
  • Software-based case-study “Supply chain resilience simulation using anyLogistix”

Lecture 6

  • Supply chain resilience measurement
  • Ripple effect exposure analysis
  • Computational case-study “Ripple effect quantification”

Lecture 7

  • Supply chain resilience at pandemic times and long-term crises
  • Case-studies “Capacity adaptation during the COVID-19 pandemics”

Lecture 8

  • Supply chain resilience at pandemic times and long-term crises (continuation)
  • Software-based case-study “Predicting the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global supply chain using anyLogistix simulation”
  • Software-based case-study “Food Retail Supply Chain Resilience and the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Digital Twin-Based Impact Analysis and Improvement Directions”

Lecture 9

  • Navigating supply chains through the pandemic and exiting the pandemic
  • Supply chain viability, intertwined supply networks, and reconfigurable supply chains

Lecture 10

  • Resilience, epidemics/pandemics, and climate change
  • Summary of the course