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How to stabilise global supply chains now for the future

Since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, the fragility of global supply chains has been a major challenge for companies


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Whether it’s production and delivery restrictions, freight container and raw material shortages, cargo ship drama in the Suez Canal or temporary port closures in China - the current challenges caused by Covid for companies which operate on a global basis are complex. They cost the companies money and possibly even a loss of trust and customers.

Suddenly the term "supply chain" is everywhere in the news, along with the word "crisis". It has become clear that companies need to act quickly. It is essential for them to analyse the resilience of their supply chains now and optimise them for the future.

Someone who has been working on the stability of supply chains for decades is the expert and leading thinker in logistics, supply chain and operations management Prof. Dr. Dr. habil. Dmitry Ivanov. He has been teaching on this subject at various universities worldwide for 20 years and has authored over 300 publications.

In our new management seminar "Supply Chain Resilience: Coping with and thinking beyond the COVID-19 pandemic”, Professor Ivanov gives a concise yet comprehensive introduction to supply chain resilience, covering management, modelling and technology perspectives. He explains key concepts and methods for building and optimising resilient supply chains and managing disruption risks. The Covid-19 pandemic is an explicit theme presented throughout the seminar. Numerous practical examples and case studies illustrate the seminar content.

The seminar is targeted at at both professionals with a management or engineering background who deal with supply chains in their daily work as well as PhD and Masters students. The management seminar “Supply Chain Resilience: Coping with and thinking beyond the COVID-19 pandemic” will be held entirely online and be taught in in English.

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