Virtual Career Workshop

Salary Negotiation – Know your worth



Do you want to get more of what you want? Nobody is a born negotiator, it is a learned behavior. However, everyone is a negotiator as we negotiate every day both in business and in our everyday life.

Negotiations are like any other sport, if you practice it daily you can become a good negotiator. By enhancing your negotiation skills, you can get more of what you want. Salary negotiations are one of the most important negotiations you will encounter in life as it has a part in creating your future why should you settle for less if you could get more? Learning the fundamentals of negotiation is thus essential.

This workshop will be focused on salary negotiations in particular and covers the fundamentals of:

  • Understanding and addressing the common negotiation hurdles
  • Components of a job offer
  • Principles and preparation of salary negotiations
  • Communication during a negotiation
  • Best practises, techniques & scripts

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