BPS Symposium: Energy transition and social innovation practices: South calls East

Webinar Series Part 2



Berlin Professional School and A Colorni Hirschman Institute

The South-East European Dialogues aim at taking up and developing some themes dealt with at the "Third Conference on Hirschman Legacy: A passion for the possible" held in Berlin on 24-25 October 2019 (https://bit.ly/3oQcyKP).

The themes of Innovation, Cooperation and Social Inclusion are today at the center of the Next Generation EU program created to tackle the Covid-19 emergency.  In this context, the initiatives presented during the Conference appear particularly significant, and the intention to continue the dialogue on these issues becomes even more relevant.

In particular, the social innovation initiatives undertaken in the Lusatia area  (former   GDR),  and those underway in Southern Italy (Catanzaro and Naples), albeit with different motivations and in apparently distant contexts, can strengthen each other.  Furthermore, the experiences of social inclusion initiated in Berlin in the 1980s and in Caserta in the 1990s, both inspired by the Basaglia movement for the  closure of mental asylums, are an extraordinary  possibilist  driver  in the processes of social and economic development so dear to the European Union.

Our hope is that this dialogue will foster the encounter and collaboration between different, and perhaps distant realities, that are actually much closer than it seems.


Friday 27th November – 5 pm – 6.30 pm

From South to East: how to strengthen European integration

Chair: Marianne Egger de Campo (HWR)

Panel: Luca Meldolesi (ACHII), Florian Furtak (HWR), Paolo di Nola (ACHII e Invitalia Spa, Rome)


Friday 29th January – 5 pm - 6.30 pm

Energy transition and social innovation practices: South calls East

Chair: Nicoletta Stame (ACHII)

Panel: Matthias Tomenendal (HWR), Francesco Cicione (ACHII and Entopan, Calabria), Hans-Rüdiger Lange (Innovationsregion Lausitz GmbH), Tommaso Di Nardo (ACHII and HUB Spa, Campania)


Friday 19th March – 5 pm – 6.30 pm

Social inclusion: the value of people and the role of communities. Basaglian experiences between Berlin and Caserta.

Chair: Tommaso Di Nardo (ACHII) and Marianne Egger de Campo (HWR)

Panel: Erwin Seyfried (HWR), Peter Stadler (CEO Stiftung Lebenswelten, Berlin), Vincenzo Marino (ACHII and Confcooperative, Rome), Simmaco Perillo (NCO, Caserta).


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