Prof. Dr. Mario Glowik

Professor*in der HWR Berlin

Mario Glowik is Professor of International Strategic Management at the Department of Business and Economics. He holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from the Freie Universität Berlin in Germany and gained his habilitation (post-doctoral qualification) at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria.

His academic experience includes teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in international strategic management, international business and international marketing. His research deals with issues related to internationalization and innovation processes with a particular focus on global industry networks and its relevant actors.

Before he was appointed a professor, he served more than eight years as a marketing and sales manager in the consumer electronics industry at several locations around the globe.

Mario Glowik teaches Bachelor, MBA and Master courses:

  • Strategic management
  • International management
  • Strategic management in China and Europe
  • International and Asian business

Smart partner selection contributes to a firm’s favorable positioning in global business networks. Analyzing societal and industry networks help to generate innovative technological, operational and managerial knowledge. The management’s implementation of sustainable international market entry strategies necessarily requires a profound understanding of relevant stakeholders of the firm’s environment.  

My research is focused on the understanding and interpretation of actor relationships (e.g. suppliers, competitors, customers, service providers and others) which form global industry network configurations. Areas of interest are/accumulated research expertise is available for the following industries:    

  • High-technology, telecommunication and consumer electronics
  • Solar photovoltaic and wind energy
  • Healthcare services, pharmaceutical and medical devices   
  • Social media
  • Automotive

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