Supply Chain Resilience: Coping with and thinking beyond the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Certificate

    Certificate with optional 2 ECTS

  • Type of study

    Online Seminar

  • Seminar duration

    20 academic hours online teaching (synchronous) + 40 hours self-study work (incl. examination option)

  • Seminar schedule

    11 / 12 November 2021

    25 / 26 November 2021

    9 December 2021

    (running time: each date from 2.00 to 5.15 pm CET)

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  • Tuition fees

    395 Euro

    195 Euro (Students, University members and BPS Alumni)

Our certificate programmes present you with a subject area that provides a perfect blend of academically-based teaching and practical knowledge from experts. These continuing professional development sessions run over several days, teaching you skills both for further personal development as well as for your next career step.

Seminar Content

Increased interest in supply chain risks and resilience is usually born out of a crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a stress-test for supply chain resilience unveiling missing preparedness and insufficient recovery capabilities across different industries and sectors. Businesses and governments recognized an urgent need to review resilience of supply chains and enhance their resilience for future.

This course offers a concise yet comprehensive introduction to supply chain resilience, covering management, modeling and technology perspectives. It has been designed and will be conducted by a renowned expert and thought-leader in supply chain resilience, Prof. Dr. Dr. habil. Dmitry Ivanov (HWR Berlin), the author of over 100 academic papers on supply chain resilience and the book “Introduction to Supply Chain Resilience”.
The course covers the following topics:

  • Discussing and examining supply chain risks and resilience in depth
  • What are the major features of supply chain resilience
  • How to mitigate supply chain disruptions and develop recovery strategies
  • How to balance efficiency and effectiveness
  • How to adapt to a pandemic and other long-term crises

Numerous practical examples and short case studies are provided to illustrate theoretical concepts. A special focus is directed on the Digital Supply Chain and resilience modeling and management by digital twins using anyLogistix supply chain software.

The COVID-19 pandemic is specifically considered throughout the course. The course explains major concepts and methods to build and improve supply chain resilience and tackle supply chain disruption risks in a simple, uniform format to make it easy to understand for students and professionals with both management and engineering backgrounds.

Graduates, PhD students, and supply chain professionals alike will benefit from the structured, didactically oriented and concise presentation of the concepts, principles and methods of supply chain resilience management, modeling, and technological implementation.

Learn more about the course content here.

Seminar Structure

This management seminar is taught completely online in English through the virtual learning platform "Moodle".

The course content is delivered in synchronous online sessions. A wide variety of innovative teaching methods are used, such as interactive lectures, group and plenary discussions, live quizzes, micro-case-studies and active breaks. A special importance is attached here to the close interaction of theory and practice.

The online sessions will alternate with self-study phases. Videos, presentations, readings and blogs will be used for the exchange of content and the processing of group assignments during these phases.

In order to benefit from the content and the activities of the course the basic knowledge of supply chain and operations management would be advisable.

Please note that the course will be taught in English.



After completion of the seminar you will receive a certificate of attendance. Should you have successfully achieved the coursework or the related module examination, you will receive a module certificate with a grade and proof of ECTS credit points.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for this Online Management Seminar amounts to 395 Euro. For students and members of universities (verification by e-mail-address) and BPS Alumni the fee amounts to 195 Euro.

For vocational further trainings, tuition fees are normally tax deductible.


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